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New Behind The Scenes “Walking” Picture

Jessica Earnshaw tweeted this picture of Alexz bringing her own gear to the set of “Walking”. Here’s another Behind The Scenes picture tweeted by Jessica:

Preview Behind the Scenes “House of Bodies” Photo

Alexz tweeted this photo of behind the scenes stills from “House of Bodies”. If the picture on the camera in the picture is any indication of the rest of the stills I’m looking forward to seeing them all.

Behind The Scenes Photos of Alexz On Set

Huge thanks to Alex Merkin for tweeting this Behind The Scenes pictures of Alexz on the set of “House of Bodies”!

Even More Behind-The-Scene Photos of “Look At Those Eyes”

Alanna Memme has released even more great pictures of the behind the scenes aspect of “Look At Those Eyes”. Alexz definitely looks involved in watching the takes and working with the director and other crew man. You can see the gallery by clicking here.

More Behind The Scenes Pictures of “Look At Those Eyes”

More Behind the Scenes pictures of Behind The Scenes of “Look At Those Eyes” are released! You can go here to see their full gallery.