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Behind The Scenes Pictures From “Heart Like That” Music Video

Alexz tweeted some pictures today that are behind the scene pictures of what we can expect from the “Heart Like That” Music Video! Check them all out at her Instagram account!

Behind The Scenes of The Spring Tour

Early in her PledgeMusic Campaign Alexz posted a teaser to this video. She’s now released the whole video! Check it out below:

Puppy On Your Shoulder

Check out this fantastic video of Alexz, Adam Christgau and Kirk Schoenherr backstage at The Vera Project singing “Puppy On Your Shoulder”. Maybe they should have sound checked with this after all 🙂

New Behind The Scenes Clip From “House of Bodies”

Director Alex Merkin posted this short video of Alexz in “House of Bodies”. Caption: Fun on set. This simultaneously demonstrates why Alexz called the film House of Hoodies and where her love/hate relationship with the boom came from

New Behind The Scenes “Walking” Picture

Jessica Earnshaw tweeted this picture of Alexz bringing her own gear to the set of “Walking”. Here’s another Behind The Scenes picture tweeted by Jessica: