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“Bottom Of My Heart” Music Video Released!

It’s here! Bleu‘s music video for “Bottom of My Heart” featuring Alexz is released! The song is on Bleu’s new album “To Hell With You”. No need to say a lot, watch the video below!

Alexz Films Music Video For “Bottom Of My Heart”

Today Alexz filmed a music video the song “Bottom Of My Heart” which is a song she sang on for Bleu‘s album “To Hell With You”. Here’s some pictures Alexz tweeted from the video shoot:

Alexz To Be Featured In Push Method’s Music Video “Am I Able”

Alexz tweeted today that she was “the girl” in a day shooting of Push Method‘s music video “Am I Able”. We don’t know yet when the video will be released, but will keep you posted. Here’s a picture she posted from the set.

Skipping Stone Live Official Music Video

You can watch the official music video for Skipping Stone Live below. I really like the way this turned out. If you were at some of the shows this video is taken from you might be in the video. “Live From The Skipping Stone Tour” will be released December 4th. You can download the song […]

“Walking” Music Video In Early Stages

Today Alexz tweeted that she is looking at storyboards for a music video for “Walking”. From her tweet it looks like she will use some of the same people who filmed her video for “Skipping Stone”, Jessica Earnshaw and Benjamin Pratt.