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Join Alexz’s New Patreon!

Alexz has just launched her new Patreon account! She will let us in her process of creating albums, and let us in a little deeper on who she is and where all her creativity comes from. There are Team Alexz and Team Alexz VIP tiers you can sign up for. There will also be a […]

“Still Alive” Drops March 6th!

Alexz is releasing a new single on March 6, 2020 called “Still Alive”! Stay tuned for more details!

“Golden” Released!

Alexz has released her new single “Golden”!

“Feels Like This” Released

Alexz worked with a musician named Sarah Ryder on a song called “Feels Like This”. The song is released today! Click here to get it!

The Spiritual Release of “Weight”

The day is finally here! Alexz rerecorded and released her classic song “Weight” today with a cool music video. Atword Magazine premiered the song earlier today on their website. “Weight” is a song that means so much to so many of us. It’s a song that simply takes you to another place when you listen […]