Alexz Johnson premieres “Ruthless Love” online —

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Indie artist Alexz Johnson released her self-produced music video for her song “Ruthless Love” online today. This past Saturday, Johnson threw an event to share the video with a sold out crowd at the Golden Box in Los Angeles.

The Vancouver native premiered her music video on Vevo this afternoon. You can watch “Ruthless Love” below:

“Ruthless Love” was directed by Montana Mann, who is known for her work in commercials and short films. She is the daughter of director Farhad Mann, who worked with Johnson on “Devil’s Diary” in 2006 and “The Listener” in 2011. Mann;s father would tell Johnson, “You should really meet my daughter, Montana. You guys would get along great and you should work together on sometime,” so when the vision for the music video came to Johnson, she reached out to Mann.

Fans can look forward to another Mann and Johnson collaboration in the near future according to the singer.

If “Instant Star” fans think they see a familiar face, they won’t be wrong. Laura Vandervoort was the woman in the black makeup mask in the video. Johnson had a dream one night of Vandervoort being in her video, so the singer called her the next day and their schedules matched up and a T.V. sisterhood was reunited.

Johnson told the inspiration behind the song: “Probably the most intense feeling we feel in this life is love. We find ways of destroying it, sabotaging it, and damaging it and loving it, breathing it, and creating life with it. I think it’s so powerful. So the song came about [out of] the simplicity of how powerful love is and how ruthless we are within it.”

The video itself is a, “very artistic portrayal done in a studio about all the inter-motions that happen with people, and in the video, all the universal emotions inside of a woman. I hope that everybody can relate to it in some way.

“I really wanted to tap into the freedom that we’re born with, the freedom that we feel we lose, and the fear that we’ve bound our spirits. There is a sadness to the video, but also an energy to it.

“I want people to question what they’re watching and I want [them] to take out of [the video] what they want to take out of it and pull their own feelings from it based on their experiences. I didn’t want to be too specific, I wanted to set a tone and a feel based on the images that they’re watching. I hope I do that.”

Johnson predicts that the video cause an intense emotional reaction from the audience based on what she’s seen from people who have already seen the video. While editing the first version of the music video, Johnson’s eyes began to water and asked herself if it’s “weird that I’m crying watching this and is it weird that my friends that had seen it were getting emotional?”

The singer is taking a short break before touring again and recording another album, not to say that she won’t be working on music in the mean time. “I’m going to be taking a seat back. I’ve been writing a lot of music lately and I need to gage what I want to do next. I’m going to be thinking about what’s next for me. What do I want to do?

“I’m going to feel and see what I want to do, really listen to myself. Sometimes things can get so busy it’s like, ‘What am I doing? Where am I?’ I think it’s really important to put something up you really believe in and let that sit and breathe for a bit and then quiet with myself and think about what I want to do.”

She is actually playing the University of Minnesota at the end of October, but then that’s it until she gets some much needed family time. Information about the show can be found here.

So what’s next for Johnson? ” I’m working on a project with an artist in L.A., something I really believe in that’s already finished, so I’m going to figuring out when I’m going to be releasing that.”

And South American fans be on the look out: “I do want to tour; I’d love to tour South America. I have a plan on doing that. I’m getting the wheels in motion to make that happen in early 2016.”

“Ruthless Love” Music Video Released!

After a very successful release on September 19th in Los Angeles, the “Ruthless Love” music video is finally released for the world to see!

Directed by:Montana Mann
Composers: Alexz Johnson, Brendan James Johnson
Producers: David Kahne, Alexz Johnson, Blacklist Digital, Montana Mann, Marcus Turner

Indie artist Alexz Johnson premiering new music video tonight —

As you all know Alexz is premiering her “Ruthless Love” music video in Los Angeles tonight. This article is about that as well as explaining why she decided to debut it in such a manner.


Canadian indie artist Alexz Johnson is premiering her music video for “Ruthless Love” tonight. This is her fourth music video off of her latest album. Let ‘Em Eat Cake, which was released late last year. The music video is directed by Montana Mann.

You can listen to the track here:

Johnson wanted to celebrate and share this experience with her fans in an intimate setting, so tonight she’ll be having an event that only people who RSVPed beforehand can attend. The singer believes that no one makes a big deal about music videos anymore and wanted to make a big deal for “Ruthless Love.”

“Back in the day, there was a time music videos were a big deal and wasn’t just put online and forgotten about,” Johnson says. “This is a representation of an album and a work of art.”

This lead to the musician’s idea to throw an event for “Ruthless Love.” “So we [Mann and her] thought ‘let’s have fun,’” Johnson continues. “Let’s find a venue in Hollywood, let’s put the pieces together and we’ve been working our asses off to get this off the ground and we’re going to make it into a cool art show and the premiere, so people can see it for the first time. I wanted people to have a private experience with this video before it went online; just because I think it’s special and it’s Hollywood and I’m in my 20’s so why not?”

The personal premiere is happening tonight at 8 P.M. at the Golden Box in Los Angeles, California. There will be two screenings of “Ruthless Love” at 9 P.M. and 10 P.M., an art show, live performance, and cocktails for those of age.

he video will premiere online sometime in the near future. For now, Johnson wants to experience the music video before it gets lost in the online world.

New “Ruthless Love” Teasers

Alexz has released two more “Ruthless Love” teasers on her Instagram account. The music video premieres in Los Angeles on September 19th! Check them out below:

“Ruthless Love” Teaser Released

On her Instagram account Alexz released a teaser for the “Ruthless Love” music video! This video will premiere in Los Angeles on September 19th.