“The Dishwasher” StoryHive Funded!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of “The Dishwasher” for becoming Storyhive funded! Alexz will provide a unique soundtrack for the film as well. Remember, like last time, once the projects are done there will be a showcase and another round of voting for more grants, so keep your eyes open for this!

Happy Birthday Alexz!

Happy birthday Alexz! We’re so thankful to have you and all you do. As obvious as it is to say, this site wouldn’t exist without you :) Your creativity, your music, your acting, and your passions are what keep this site going and all of us fans of yours from the moment we discovered you and you came into each of our lives in different ways for each of us.

Here is your birthday site!

We hope you have an amazing year with even more possibilities and opportunities awaiting you around every corner!


P.S.: Don’t forget to go read her blog post today!

Minneapolis Video

Check out this video from Alexz’s concert last night in Minneapolis, MN!

Credit: Screengems
Heart Like That


Let ‘Em Eat Cake

American Dreamer

“Alexz in South America and Mexico City” Kickstarter Launched!

Do you want to have Alexz perform in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, or Mexico? She has a launched a new Kickstarter to make this a reality and we can help her get there the same way we did back in 2012 for her “Skipping Stone” Tour!

By backing her you have a chance to get a B-side from “Let ‘Em Eat Cake”, a 20 minute Skype chat with her, a limited edition Tour T-shirt, VIP Meet&Greet and more!

She has 30 days to reach $35,000.

Click here to back her Kickstarter!

“The Dishwasher” Project Announced

Alexz has announced she will be providing the soundtrack for a film called “The Dishwasher“. She will be working with her brother Matt David Johnson on this movie. It will be funded with the website Storyhive in the same way Alexz used it before, and voting begins in 5 days. Make sure you vote so this will become a reality!

Here is the pitch video. Alexz appears in the second section: