More Behind The Scenes Pictures From “Heart Like That” Music Video

Alexz and some people involved in the “Heart Like That” music video have posted new pictures from the set!

Alexz’s Instagram:

Paul Behm Instagram

Orsy Szabo Instagtam (Director)

Behind The Scenes Pictures From “Heart Like That” Music Video

Alexz tweeted some pictures today that are behind the scene pictures of what we can expect from the “Heart Like That” Music Video! Check them all out at her Instagram account!

Alexz Makes Speakers In Code’s Favorite Songs From 2010-2014

This source shows a collection of their favorite songs in the past 5 years where they list “Let ‘Em Eat Cake” as making their list. Here is their explanation of the list and what they said about Alexz in their entry:


Five years and counting of Speakers in Code, and we have finally decided to catch up with ourselves. This isn’t so much of a list than it is a collection of all the songs we love in one place. So, we’re not calling it “The Best Songs…” We’re just calling them our favorites from 2010-2014 — no more, no less.

“Let ‘Em Eat Cake” – Alexz Johnson

Alexz Johnson should already be a star, but that’s not for me to decide. And it’s because of songs like this. Confident, amazing singer, a hint of every damn good thing worth your time.

Pre-Production on “Heart Like That” Music Video Has Begun

Yesterday Alexz tweeted this image below. Many things go into the making of a music video and this is a behind the scenes look at what may or may not be in the final product. The “Heart Like That” video is coming soon!

“Heart Like That” Video Is Happening!

Alexz posted this tweet and instagram video telling us the “Heart Like That” video is going to happen! All of our voting worked! Congratulations Alexz!