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Alexz posted an amazing and vulnerable new blog entry that must be read.


I’m going to try to do this blog thing more often.

Rephrase – I’m not going to “try”, I’m “going to” do this.

WRITE. Wait, let me change my font, it’s driving me crazy.

I’m going to write without any judgement on myself. For some reason, it is a very difficult thing for me to do. I know I’m not alone in this though. I’ve done some reading..

I’m going to do this because I think it will be good for my soul, good practice for future endeavours, and something that’s 100% selfish. The good kind of selfish. Shellfish. What?

The hardest part about this, for me, is not knowing exactly what to write about. I don’t want to indulge in myself (even though it is my blog) because that would feel, well, self-indulgent. Although, sometimes all we have to offer others is our perspective, our experiences and our outlook. Since the beginning of time. So, I will most likely write a hell of a lot about myself(ie).*

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“Heart Like That” Storyhive Music Video Project

Alexz has joined up with Storyhive in hopes of getting enough votes to make a video for “Heart Like That”. In order to vote you must register at the site. They will give you 5 votes you can use and an additional 5 votes you can earn from promoting the page and finishing your profile. This is how they work:

Register and Vote Here

We’ve got production grants and distribution opportunities for local creative talent in Western Canada with fresh ideas to make their video projects happen. And we’re empowering the community to greenlight those ideas to screens on TELUS Optik TV, online and everywhere.

The action unfolds here on STORYHIVE. Local creators from BC and Alberta apply for production grants to produce videos and the community votes to decide which projects get funding and distribution on Optik Local (TELUS Community Programming) via TELUS Optik™ TV On Demand.

This grant will be $10,000 going towards the production of her music video. They know what should get funded based on votes. Watch Alexz pitch video below:

Alexz Recording New Music In Nashville?

Alexz posted to her Instagram account this picture today. She has spent a couple of days in Nashville this past week.

Alexz Talks Anorexia and “The Wasting”

Here is a short video where Alexz talks about anorexia and more about her involvement in “The Wasting”:

Alexz Has A Role In “The Wasting” and More

Today Alexz posted this about “The Wasting” campaign and her involvement in it:


My dear friend Carolyn Saunders (@endzonefilms) is a very talented writer and director. Last year, she approached me with a script, a dream and a plan to bring her film to life. With that indie heart, hard work & drive that I can relate to so much, when she offered me a role in the film, it was a natural fit to jump on board and portray a character in “The Wasting”. The script is a monster (in a good way). I’m excited to see this film reach its goal so this movie can be made!! The message is important, and it excites me seeing people put everything on the line for what they love. That’s truth, that’s art! Join me on #TheWasting ‘s campaign and let’s do this! – xo AJ www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-wasting

You can Pledge for “The Wasting” campaign by clicking here! One of 3 of the Skype calls with Alexz has already been claimed!