New Johnson & McAuley Video To Premiere January 19th!

Alexz has tweeted and instagrammed that there will be a new Johnson and McAuley video released this Thursday!

A New Year’s Message From Alexz

It’s been a crazy year. 2016 will be remembered for a lot of things. Read some of Alexz’s message below:


What a year.

From politics, to hurricanes to hardships to war. I feel I’m not the only one who agrees that there is something about 2016 that has brought deep sadness. Not just on a global scale, but on an internal one. Everyday we’re inundated with so much to process, our little brains viewing all of this darkness and destruction in our own hands; our own little black boxes which have possibly caused a numbing to occur amongst us all. I often wonder if as a collective we’re growing to be stronger and braver together, or if social media & society is just causing more isolation, trauma and helplessness.

I believe everyone of us has a purpose here. A power beyond what we even realize. So much more than what the internet even has to offer. Privately, intimately, making someone’s world a better place. We can’t fix it all, but we all have a carbon footprint, a language someone understands, a story that gives someone hope and for now, a heart that beats.

Read the rest here or here!

“The Wasting” Trailer Released!

The trailer for “The Wasting” is released! You can see Alexz a few times throughout the trailer. We’ll watch for when it gets released and support independent film making such as this!

TheWastingTrailer.HD Stereo from Carolyn Saunders on Vimeo.

New Album: Time Lapse Video

Alexz put up a video showing one full day of working on her new album. It covers a full day:

“The Dishwasher” Wins Outstanding Drama at ITSA Film Festival

“The Dishwasher” has another award! This time it’s for Outstanding Drama at the ITSA Film Festival in California!