“Running With The Devil” is the new single!

Today Alexz announced that the new single would be Running With The Devil!

You can download it or listen to it on 9 different services right now!

“The Longer Road” Released

Alexz released a short documentary called “A Longer Road”. It’s about reclaiming the songs from the Weight album.

Lots of News

A lot of news today. Alexz posted that she has a short documentary about what she’s been up to this past year. “The Longer Road” will release tomorrow as well as her first single.

“Feels Like This” Released

Alexz worked with a musician named Sarah Ryder on a song called “Feels Like This”. The song is released today!

Click here to get it!

The Spiritual Release of “Weight”

The day is finally here!

Alexz rerecorded and released her classic song “Weight” today with a cool music video. Atword Magazine premiered the song earlier today on their website.

“Weight” is a song that means so much to so many of us. It’s a song that simply takes you to another place when you listen to it. Relive it again with her music video for the song!