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Ask Alexz Highlights

For the first time in quite awhile Alexz held an “Ask Alexz” Q&A on Twitter! The highlights are below: What’s your fav place for writing lyrics? “Ohhhh, anywhere I’m writing something worth while?” How different will this new album be compared to your others? “Good question.. It’s definitely an experimental, different sound when it comes […]

New Alexz Cover Song

There’s a huge snow storm hitting the New York area right now. On this Snow Day Alexz recorded a cover of Lorde’s “Green Light”!

“Thank You For Breaking My Heart” Finalist In USA Songwriting Competition!

“Thank You For Breaking My Heart” is a finalist in Original Song at USA Songwriting Competition! Oi! "Thank You For Breaking My Heart", FINALIST for Original Song in the 2016 @usasong comp! #HeartEP @bleutopia waitin' on the drumroll…. — Alexz Johnson (@alexzjohnson) February 7, 2017 We’ll keep you updated if she wins!

Johnson & McAuley “Illuminated Dream” Music Video Released!

Here it is! Click here The Vinyl District article!

The Vinyl District “Illuminated Dreams” Article

The music video for “Illuminated Dreams” got its own post. There is a lot of interesting inspiration and technical information about the music video in The Vinyl District Article. Check it out below: Source TVD Video Premiere: Johnson & McAuley, “Illuminated Dream” By Josh Lewellen | January 19, 2017 “It was always a fantasy of […]