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“Look At Those Eyes” Video review by tomtshane

October 7th a day to go down in music history as an incredible accomplishment by Alexz Johnson and all the crew who worked closely on this video to make it happen, It came together beautifully. The “Reloaded” version of  “Look At Those Eyes” was used in the video who we know Demacio “Demo” Castellon produced (He’s brilliant). The video […]

Demi Lovato tweets Look At Those Eyes video!

Well isn’t this lovely!

The Basement Recordings – A Review by tomtshane

It’s been a bit since I posted anything on the site, I’ve been fortunate enough to be enjoying lots of live shows but I’m back and back with my review on The Basement Recordings. I can’t even tell you all how excited I was when Alexz released this news on past work being released “Properly” […]

“Swallowed” Master released by Greg Wells

Another day another release 😀 Thanks to Greg again for another master 🙂 what are you hoping for next?

Alexz Johnson – Interview by @tomtshane

By @tomtshane First off I personally would like to congradulate you on “Voodoo Reloaded”  its given us more ways to enjoy “Voodoo” all over again! I happened to get to your Drake show and must say that was an unforgettable night of old and new jams, I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it as you probably seen I posted the full […]