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Just Around The Bend Lyrics

Just Around The Bend Released: Through PledgeMusic campaign Written: Alexz Johnson, Toby Gad Just Around The Bend I’m Just Around The Bend I heard you were in need of a friend I can come on over And we’ll paint the town in red I’ll bring my guitar Just stay where you are I won’t be […]

Barely Holding On Lyrics

Barely Holding On (Alexz Johnson/Mike Elizondo/David Ryan Harris) Barely Holding On Suddenly I am alone Oh my God where did I go? Suddenly I’m missing home Can you hear me? Get my bottle in the sea Cause it would mean a lot to me If you could come and help me out Can you hear […]

Don’t Stop Lyrics

Don’t Stop Written by Alexz Johnson Don’t Stop I’m not bullet proof But I take the risk I didn’t wish anyone to come along You lead me on And I don’t know what’s to come If I like it, if I choose to run If you came along This is what I’d say You see […]

“I Can’t Hold Back” Lyrics

I Can’t Hold Back On the move, these old steel tracks Gonna make an escape and I’m never gonna come back My heart can’t take another heartache I wouldn’t swear on my grandmas grave I couldn’t do that I know that I’m talking way too much ‘Cause baby I’m helpless in your touch When my […]

Back of the Room Lyrics

Back of the Room Back Of The Room (Alexz Johnson/Jimmy Robbins) Baby it’s in the skies Baby it’s your eyes Everything that you do I wanna do that too No it is not your fault Baby I like your salt Baby I’ll see you through Baby I know it’s true I know […]