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“Walking” Live from The Mint, LA 1st to hit Youtube

“Walking”- Live at The Mint, LA, March 20th Thanks goes to ritaesme1

Surfaced Footage: Alexz Live at the Hard Rock in Pheonix, AZ

Footage has finally surfaced with Alexz performing at Hard Rock in Pheonix, AZ. Credit and Thanks goes to MandeesOtherStuff Here’s Alexz performing “Skipping Stone”. And the AMAZING “Nothin’ On Me”!   ENJOY

NEW Kickstarter Update Regarding ‘Signed Live Performance Video’

Quick note about the Signed Live Performance Video Package! (Say that 8 times really fast!) (Why did you do that?!) Update #21   Hey!!  This is a note for the backers who had the “Signed Live Performance Video” in their package — I wanted to write a quick message and let you know that we’re in […]

‘Don’t Stop’ Band Rehearsal, NYC

Alexz posted a video on her Youtube today of her band rehearsing “Don’t Stop” Kind of Cool to see these things come together. Enjoy!

Artist Interview with Alexz Johnson by Cafe 939

The Red Room conducted an interview with Alexz before her show in Boston at cafe 939. Who knew Alexz was into architecture? Enjoy!