Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3 (2006)

During her Graduation Day party with her school at the local amusement park, 18 year-old Wendy Christensen has a violent premonition of a fatally horrible roller-coaster crash involving her and all her friends. After being let off the coaster along with half the other students the coaster starts. Only when the premonition comes true and everyone on the coaster, including her boyfriend Jason, dies, does Wendy realize that it was just the beginning. Teaming up with fellow classmate Kevin, whose girlfriend also died, they begin to realize that because they escaped their fate they now have to stop Death from it’s plan of killing off the survivors and sealing their fate. They use the picture Wendy took at the Amusment Park to find clues to their friends deaths and try to stop them. They also need to find out who was sitting in front of them and help them cheat death, before they’re next. Will they intervene or will Death have its way?

*Alexz originally auditioned for the role of Julie.
*Ashley Tisdale auditioned for the role Alexz eventually got of Erin Ulmer.
*In the original script, Ian McKinley was a female character who tried avoiding her boyfriend. Erin was originally a male character.
*The cast had to ride the roller coaster 26 times in the same night in order to shoot the film’s main premonition sequence.
*”Erin Ulmer” was named after Edgar G. Ulmer.
*Final Destination 3 was originally developed to be a 3-D movie.

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