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Alexz’s birthday was just this last Friday Nov.4th, and it seems that with Alexz being “a quarter short” it’s left her to her thinking. Finding ourselves this Monday Nov. 7th, she has left us with an update on her plans for the future, as well as a couple of her personal revelations.
Her words are forthright and she seems to speak with a direct tone. At the beginning of every battle there is a silence… With a new EP  just around the corner, I think Alexz may simply take over the world!
Check out Alexz’s updated BLOG. Or you can catch it right here: is getting a facelift. It’s not a trick website or anything. I’ve been in the process of putting together an EP (that I’m really excited about). I want things to match.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazingly talented people in my career, and with their talent and participation, I think something really special is formulating. I also have been mapping out my “2012 live shows” plan – ie: making it happen, doing it legally, and getting people to come! I’m one girl, but I’ve got to tell you… in moments of being overwhelmed, I look to Joan of Arc, Amelia Earhart and Tina Turner. I think I’ve got this covered…

I shot a video for one of my new tracks entitled “Skipping Stone” in NY last weekend. I feel so lucky that I’ve surrounded myself with such brilliant, creative friends – it was a really special experience to feel so much trust and fearlessness amongst them.

For those who connect to my music, I’m going to be involving you to help me get to you live… but I’ll explain more when I get to that bridge.

I just had a wonderful birthday. I’m 25 and a quarter short.
Be well.”

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