Alexz’s ‘ship lies waiting in the harbour…’

After a long anticipated blog on her personal blogsite, Alexz has done it again as far a refueling her fan base mentally and spiritually is concerned. Personally for me as a fan, I always come away from her blogs feeling refreshed by her resolutions. In this blog she announces a couple amazing things.

First. Alexz just wrapped up filming an episode of the second season of SyFy’s ‘Haven’, which she didn’t have to audition for! The show is loosely based on the Stephen King novel “The Colorado Kid” and is set to begin airing right around the globe on July 15, 2011. According to Wikipedia, the show does not air in the US, so those of us in the US will be relying on other countries to post the episode! Alexz also posted a couple beautiful photos of the area  in which she shot in Chester, Nova Scotia. You can catch the scoop on the show by visiting it’s Wiki.

Second. Alexz stated that she has a ton more shows planned for the future with her new band, The Bed. She also informed that she has been writing a whole lot of new material with her upcoming acoustic record in mind. She’s headed to Nashville, TN as we speak, to visit “someone special” and hopes to get in even more writing! Hope all goes well, and she’s safe in her travels.

Good luck Alexz! Thanks for being such a motivating Power House!

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