Ask Alexz Round 6

Alexz just gave an impromptu session of “Ask Alexz” again. As usual, here’s some highlights:

**She says she’s written 100s of songs.
**A video for “Give Me Fire” is a possibility.
**Have you ever broken anything or had to get stitches? “Yes! My left arm I broke twice! I’ve also needed stitches on my right foot and my chin! :/”
**When & where was “All Because of You” written? “I wrote “All Because Of You” w/@lestermendez”
**Hunger Pains is planned to be on The Basement Recordings 2.
**Chili pepper is her favorite cooking spice.
**If you had to change your name, what name would you pick? “Hmmm.. my Grandma’s name, Violet.”
**What’s the best thing about your career? “The talented people I get to meet and work with…”
**Is there any country you want to go specially? “Spain!”
**Which older songs will you include in your upcoming tour? “I want to include a few from Weight and Voodoo..”
**Her favorite movie of the moment is The Artist.
**One thing you can not live without? “Dark chocolate.”
**The first song she ever wrote was called “Trippin'”.
**Dream venue to perform at? “The Ryman.”
**Her favorite songs to perform live are Thief and Skipping Stone.

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  1. mick cansino Says:

    I want to donate some custom made shirts and hoodys to to alexz to give away for donations.I need the ok to make them.I need to show you how cool they are.This are made for the fans. Numbered With lights and music.please get in contact with me Thanks Mick


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