12th and Porter Concert Coverage

As some of you may or may not have known Nashville was my final stop of seeing Alexz on tour. It was a great show to end my run on. It featured a duet with Allison Veltz of “Hell on Heels”, which will be unlikely for me to have it online tonight. Allison was a great opening act you guys should look into 🙂

Alexz had a few sing alongs tonight with “Skipping Stone” and “Walking” among other songs. She really looked like she was having fun up there and talks to the audience very well. I had a short and very informal interview with her before this show which most of the questions were curiosities I had that were random and not interview worthy overall, but I did get this information. Alexz has 4 songs from her setlist she plans to be on her next album:

Saving The Train
Weight of the War

There will obviously be some new songs. After the tour she is going to London to work on the album. It’s after she returns from London I’m planning an interview with her about the new album, the tour, and whatever else is new at that point. She’s obviously busy on tour night after night so things change as much as they don’t in this regard. Her focus is definitely on playing for everyone everywhere she can as well as continually improving her craft of making music. Anyway, this is just a heads up for that future interview and what I learned from her tonight. This was her setlist:

Give Me Fire
Saving The Train
Back of the Room
Pleased To Meet You
Weight of the War
Skipping Stone

Running With The Devil

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