Webster Hall Video and Recap

Stephmhishot recorded the entire concert. Below are his videos and a recap he sent in.


Running With The Devil


Skipping Stone


Give Me Fire


Stephmhishot‘s recap of the show:

Just a little over three months to the day that she kicked off the Skipping Stone tour downstairs in the Studio at Webster Hall, Alexz returned to the venue, this time on the big stage in the Grand Ballroom as opening support for Lindsey Stirling.

The night started off with “The Vibrant Sound” frontman McKay Stevens performing without his band, “they’re at home”, and instead getting support from his laptop. He had a quick set of just about four songs.

Alexz came on next and was supported by the people we’ve come to know and love, Misty Boyce, Jay Foote and Kirk Schoenherr. Alas, Adam has moved to California and his role tonight was played by Dave Scalia.

As has become custom, Alexz opened with “Weight”. Alexz had said during her stop at Brick and Mortar back in mid-August that her voice was beginning to fatigue, but it was clear the time off had served her well as she sounded as incredible as ever and looked just as good. Tons of energy. Even though she wasn’t the main event, getting a chance to perform on the main stage at a pretty well known venue like Webster Hall had to have been a hell of a rush for her.

From there the playlist was as follows, Running with the Devil, Voodoo, Skipping Stone, Chicago, Give Me Fire and finally, as also has become custom, she closed with Shout. I’ll admit I was holding out hope for maybe a sneak peak at something new from what she has been working on, but its probably not the best idea to experiment in front of a crowd that is mostly there for someone else.

Speaking of the crowd, I think she definitely earned some new fans tonight. When she came out initially, you could tell who was there for her as pockets of people were yelling and screaming for her while the Lindsey fans were wondering what the fuss was about. However, by the end of Weight, the same people standing by me who were initially saying, “who the hell is she and why are these people yelling for her?” were recording her and taking pictures. She also took the plunge and asked(awkwardly I might add, haha, I wish I recorded it) everyone to say the “HEY” during GMF. Normally it can be a death knell for an opener to ask for crowd interaction, but everyone was game and into it and you could tell it made her happy.

Only downside was that it was short, but that was to be expected. Overall, the show felt like a mini-version of one of her tour stops, complete with Jess Earnshaw lurking in the wings with her trusty camera. Just great energy, and like I said, the Lindsey crowd embraced her. I don’t think they would have complained if she had done a few more songs.

If you couldn’t make it out tonight, or were worried it wouldn’t be worth it since she was only an opener, make sure to follow her on Twitter as she will be announcing another NYC show in October where she’ll be able to do a full set! I have an idea of when it will be, but I don’t want to spoil it 🙂

Oh, and I admit, I did not stick around for Lindsey’s act as I went to the merch table where Alexz was and to pick up my (is) boy shirt from Misty (if you haven’t listened to her stuff yet, you should). However, she drew a hell of a crowd, the floor was packed out and from what I saw while I was waiting on line, she looked like she put on a hell of a show that her fans were in to.

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