Ask Alexz Highlights

For the first time in quite awhile Alexz held an “Ask Alexz” Q&A on Twitter! The highlights are below:

What’s your fav place for writing lyrics? “Ohhhh, anywhere I’m writing something worth while?
How different will this new album be compared to your others? “Good question.. It’s definitely an experimental, different sound when it comes to how we recorded it.. which was live off the floor!
When are you planning on touring again? “As soon as I have a record I’m happy with, I can then plan out my next steps… this album process has been.. interesting.
Will you be doing any sort of kickstarter/pledge campaign for this album? “I won’t be… but I will most likely be launching pre-sales!
How many songs are on the upcoming album? “9-10 with potential bonus tracks…
Are you coming to Argentina soon? “I am planning a tour in South America for early 2018!!
Does the phrase “Tears of a Dragon” refer to anything or did you make it up? “The pain in this world… how powerless we really are. It can be refreshing to let go sometimes.
Any favorite memory from this writing process?! “Recording the album on my homeland of Canada was pretty special.. it definitely lent itself to the sound, I think..
Do you keep in touch with any of the FD3 cast? “Kris Lemche is a good friend 🙂
Can u release some more signed Heart EPs? “I have a big shipment of more signed & unsigned merch on its way to my store as we speak! I will keep you posted!
Are you happy to be back in NYC? “I adore this city. I am working on many different projects… I’m excited to see them come to fruition!
Have you thought singing in Spanish? “That’s a great idea….
What was the hardest part of making this new album? “It was a challenging album for me.. not the creating aspect, more the business aspect.. being independent isn’t always easy, but worth it.
Favorite show on Netflix ? “Hmmm…. that’s tough. I’m more of an HBO type of girl..
Would you like to act again? “I have some great opportunities coming my way… I would love to. 🙂
Any advice for people struggling to make their own dreams come true? “Don’t get distracted by anyone else’s noise. Focus on the work and focus on loving yourself… then you can show up for everything else!
What is the album’s theme going to be about? “There are some darker songs on this album, as well as hope and some themes that represent what we’re going through politically as well.
If you could song for the soundtrack of any show currently airing, which show would you choose? “Good question… #BigLittleLies
Is there a chance there could be a Johnnson & McAuley 2? “You never know…. @bleutopia
Do you already have ideas for the cover/look of your new album? “Yes…..!
Just throwing it out there, you would SLAY Ariel in the live action version of The Little Mermaid! “You’re not the first person who’s told me that 😝 Are you kidding me? Ariel? First song I sang when I was little was “look at this stuff…

Finally, she ended with this:
Great questions!! I will do this more often.. thank you for your patience. I’m pouring my heart & soul into the album and the fact that you’ll be listening to it is very important to me. I will continue to make music that makes my heart sing.. you guys are the best.

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